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Photo reflection

Going through my photos from this summer was nearly impossible to pick just 1 to write about. There are thousands. Essentially like asking me to choose a favorite color of Peanut M&Ms. There are no favorites here, they are all delicious. And I will eat them all, please and thanks. This ...

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Green Visions. And giving back

Since the moment I walked in the door at Green Visions- tucked away in an odd shade of pink apartment complex that was built before the 1984 Olympics (most specifically, as housing for the Olympic competitors and trainers) it has been a remarkable experience.   I have been surrounded by ...

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Oh Surprise, you wreckless mule

Blog theme “What surprises you the most?” Surprise- it can be a loaded word. Sometimes surprises are wonderful, life altering moments that you’ll always remember. Like, “Surprise you won a million dollars!” or “surprise your sister is engaged!”. Those surprises, Im totally good with.  Other surprises, like, “Hey there’s a ...

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