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Do You Wish You Could Go to Sleep and Never Wake Up?

“If only I could go to sleep forever.” “I want to die.” “I wish I’d never been born.” Do you ever have thoughts like these, but you do not want to kill yourself? Many people do. They want their life to end, but they don’t want to end their life. ...

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Language Matters: Committed Suicide vs. Completed Suicide vs. Died by Suicide

People in the suicide prevention field discourage the use of the term “committed suicide.” The word “committed” (when followed by a noun instead of “to”) is generally reserved for crimes or acts that many people view as immoral. Someone commits burglary, or murder, or rape, or perjury, or adultery – ...

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Wait, Who Is A Suicide Survivor Again?

  Across the Internet and elsewhere, people apply the term suicide survivor to two different groups of people: 1) people who struggled with suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide, and survived, and 2) people who were never suicidal at all, but who lost a loved one to suicide.  In a post last ...

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