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Heizhugou Summer Camp

Children playing the habitat game The Panda Base offers summer camps for children of the Yi ethnic minority in order to help teach the children about environmental conservation and animal welfare. The camps are offered in four different locations and each lasts for three days. Chinese volunteers from all over China ...

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Summer Camp yī (one)

I was assigned to the team traveling to Laojunshan located in the Lijiang mountain range. The team lead is Gou Jing, she works in the education department at the panda base. There are 3 volunteers on each team as well. I have Omega, Scarlett, and Joy on my team. I ...

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First Nature Reserve Experience and Summer Camp: Laojunshan

Teaching the kids animal names in English Photo by Irina Rasner Our first experience working with children in an area that has a nature reserve has caused a roller coaster of emotions to erupt. When we first arrived in Laojunshan, we were greeted with open arms and warm smiles by some ...

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