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La Pobreza

You don’t work hard enough. You don’t have enough education. You can’t manage your money. You made poor choices. You don’t have the right skills. You’d rather buy a cell phone than a bag of rice or beans. You had too many kids. You’d rather get a government handout than work for your money.   The language may change ...

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Buscando la verdad

Durante mi tiempo aquí en Costa Rica he recibido una historia muy positiva del país. La mayoría de las personas que presentan las charlas, los profesores de las clases, y mi familia tica han pintado un cuadro muy bonito para mi y mis compañeros. Por ejemplo, oí que sí hay ...

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Manifestation of Internalized Racism

Today we visited a wonderful organization called SIFAIS in a Costa Rican neighborhood called La Carpio. They serve a mostly immigrant community that is experiencing severe poverty by providing them with skills in the arts, among other things. The experience there was as I expected and similar to other organizations ...

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