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Cultural Competency (Part Three) – Why Am I Here?

“A real humanist can be identified more by his trust in the people, which engages him in their struggles, than by a thousand actions in their favor without that trust. Trusting the people is the indispensible precondition for revolutionary change.” – Paulo Freire What was my intention in taking this trip ...

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Cultural Competency (Part Two) – Why Are You Here?

“If students are not able to transform their lived experiences into knowledge and to use the already acquired knowledge as a process to unveil new knowledge, they will never be able to participate rigorously in a dialogue as a process of learning and knowing.” – Paulo Freire Human rights, ecology, gender, ...

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Cultural Competency (Part One) – Colonialism

What is cultural competency? How does one become “culturally competent?” Is it ones understanding of the music in a certain culture? The food? The clothing? The customs? The traditions? Maybe… Pop Wuj ( is a Spanish Immersion School in the heart of Guatemala in a quaint town called Xela (also known ...

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