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Simultudes. Diferencias. Conscientização. Strengths-based approach. Educación. Tradición. Respect. Invasion. Sharing Culture. Catering to guests. Learning. Aprovechando. Tourism. Travel. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Overworked. Without lifting a finger. Privileged. Quedando con privilegio. Extrañjeros. Inmigrantes. Receiving. Taking. Balanza. Injusticia. Hogar. Familia. Impatient. Independent. Compañeros. Parejas. Verguenza. Querida. Helping. Saving. Support. More harm than good. The unknown. The assumed. Discriminación. Errores buen intencionados. Diversiones. Distractions. Rights. Entitlement.                                                  . And now these three remain: Faith. Esperanza. Amor. But the greatest of these is love. . Si ...

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