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Time to Reflect

Now that I have been back for over two weeks and taken some time to reflect, I am truly starting to fully grasp the learning and insights my time in South Africa has provided. A huge standout and opportunity for growth was during my time at Afrika Tikkun. Located in the ...

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Photography Credit: Laura Fran Labovitz The work we witnessed during our time interacting with various NGO’s around Cape Town was inspiring. After hearing from each of the agencies and spending a few days working for Afrika Tikkun, I have realized that my role, if I were to find a career in ...

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Afrika Tikkun

Working for Afrika Tikkun was such a blessing. They provide a huge variety of services to countless families in the Delft township. Afterschool youth development programs, computer training, fine arts such as dance and music, in-home family support, and outpatient health care among others. Of all the work we were able ...

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