GSSW & Global Practice Bosnia 2015

Srebrenica Marš Mira 2015

Marching from Tuzla to Srebrenica to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide exceeded whatever expectations I might’ve had on the bus to Eastern Bosnia last Tuesday. For three days, myself and five other students joined roughly 12,000 others to walk from early morning to dusk along highways, backroads, and chalky dirt paths. Twenty […]

My cup runneth over…

Blogs are becoming harder and harder to write. So much happens in a day – new thoughts, feelings, activities…my days feel full even when they are mellow. Last weekend we had a program trip to Mostar and Kravice (cra-vee-tzeh) Falls. Mostar is beautiful and has a deep history in the war. I can’t help feel […]

(Belated) Internship Start

After a (very) slow start to my internship, the workload has increased dramatically this past week. Maja, the director, has returned from the wedding she had been attending in Bulgaria and has assigned me various projects. Maja and everybody else at the organization seems to be wonderful people, and many of us share a lot […]

Hope For Bi-H

I had the privilege this week of attending several lectures with the NYU Center for Global Affairs.’ The students have been visiting Sarajevo to learn more about the history of BiH, legal and transitional issues, human rights and the future of BiH. To say people are optimistic about the future of BiH would be a […]

The Dog/ Self-Discoveries

I didn’t realize how much time I actually spend with my dog Luka on a daily basis until I was separated from him with a distance of several thousand miles. It’s one of those things you don’t exactly realize that you miss until it’s temporarily not in your life, and he is always by my […]

It’s da bass, da bass

There is a beat that surrounds me. It is the bass at a nearby bar, Cheers, “Where everyone knows your name.”  Sounds familiar right?  There is also a Murphy’s Pub downstairs.  The music is a constant rhythm that I fall asleep to each night. It’s not loud and obnoxious, it’s just there.  It’s like this […]

Moving Fast and Slow

This weeks marks my first month abroad, away from Denver, and the end of our second week in Sarajevo. Somehow this place slows down and speeds up time simultaneously. Time is slowed by long afternoons drinking coffee until the sun angles horizontal with the streets, so the umbrellas don’t do much good and you’re wondering […]

The Eternal Search for Change

We are all settling into our rhythms here (when the shower is free, the ins and outs of each of our individual internships, which places have free, unlimited wi-fi). There continues to be one cultural difference that continues to confound me: Change. The judging looks one receives when trying to break the large bills (coincidently […]

An Ode to Shoes

One new habit that we have all been forced to adopt in the past two weeks is the strict “no shoes inside” policy. Whether coming home after wandering the Baščaršijan labyrinth or strolling along the Miljacka river, either returning from internships or stumbling home from a late night out, or quickly hustling from the gym […]