Its really over?

Final thoughts on Bosnia. I’m really not sure what to write here.  It all happened so fast, I wish I had more time, the cliché’s could get out of hand if I am not careful. More seriously though, in the short time we did have in this country I have learned so much more than […]

Bosnia 2015-06-17 17:02:19

Today was our trip to the war crimes court, and I thought it was also going to be one of the less emotional days we were going to experience on the trip.  Not because the war crimes court was any less important, but instead because for me, seeing a place of justice and how perpetrators […]

Favorite Experience Thus Far

For me to answer this question successfully, I think it would be easier to answer, what has been my most meaningful experience so far, as well as asking what has been the most pleasurable experience of this trip.  No wait, that isn’t right, I don’t think its right to call this cultural experience a trip.  […]

Reflecting on Srebrenica

I’ve been trying for the last 24 – 48 hours to wrap my head around everything I have seen and experienced, but so far nothing I have come up with seems to be working.  And part of me is wondering if thats how the families of the victims of the genocide have been feeling for […]