Post Trip

Now that the course is over I have many mixed feelings about its ending. On the final day of the course, we did an activity where a blanket was put in the middle of a park and we were to position ourselves to it in relation to how we felt about the course way before it began, as it approached, during the course, and how we want to be after. We were each given a rock with our intentions to move forward with what we gained from the experience. These two activities helped me approach how I planned on integrating my knowledge and experiences from the trip and how my positon to the trip had changed over time. As someone who had never traveled abroad before, camped, or had much exposure to African cultural or experiential learning courses, this activity brought my experiences and insights full circle and helped prepare me for the important work of reflection, openness, application, and integration into my Denver life.

Attempting to articulate the powerful impact my time abroad had on me to others has proven challenging, but it is something that I am still processing and reflecting on in order to better understand it myself and convey that message to others. I feel truly grateful for the opportunity, ability to attend this course, and the professors and Educo leaders that facilitated this course. I also notice a significant change in my mentality and awareness in general. My passion for social work has been reinvigorated, and my ability to trust myself and gain knowledge from my own experiences as well as learn from others has immensely improved. I am confident that I will be able to use the information from this experience for the rest of my life, and I am excited to move forward in my studies and career in the social work profession.


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