Back in Colorado


It’s hard to believe it is time to write my last blog. The cold and snow was not as welcoming as I had hoped. As I got off of the plane I was hit with a sadness as I realized my time in South Africa had officially ended.

I am so grateful and privileged to have had this experience. I learned so much about myself and gained new perspective and wisdom about things I thought I already knew. Wow. There were some powerful conversations that will stay with me forever.

The job shadowing portion of the trip was great. It was really interesting being able to learn from social workers in South Africa. It was also interesting seeing the similarities and differences between organizations in America and in South Africa.

Being able to experience the mountains with Educoafrica was so refreshing and inspirational. Backpacking out in the wilderness, sleeping under the stars, and getting in touch with myself was remarkable. I got to know a great group of people and was able to learn from them and share with them. I think Educoafrica does great things for youth in the Western Cape.

I landed last night and have been feeling having “reverse culture shock” if you will. My internal clock is way out of wack and the fatigue is very real. Driving on the right side of the road, well driving in general, had been weird. Also adjusting back to the familiarities of home has felt strange as I look around and find things just how I left them… I think it will take time to adjust.

As I sit on my couch this evening I am remembering the fog rolling over Table Mountain, the warm sun, and the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. I will greatly miss South Africa and will forever treasure the experiences I had on this trip with DU.

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