Transferability – Prelude

As I sit in this plane a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude begins to rush over me. At this point in my life, I have been in school for 6 years. working to obtain both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. During my undergraduate schooling, obtaining my diploma was the capstone to my education. However, I now understand that there is so much more to education than just the pomp and circumstance of graduating. For me this trip to South Africa has become the capstone to my entire educational journey.

Im thrilled to have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on social justice and its global implications. To me it is priceless to understand various ideologies regarding advocacy, community growth and empowerment. In my graduate education I have chosen to pursue a career in the area of social work with a focus on aging populations and policy. However, it is my hope to witness the transferability my social work skill can have with regard to various demographics of people, new places and across cultural backgrounds. I also hope to feel empowered in knowing that no matter where my career path takes me there is work of value to be done. Through social work I have the unique opportunity and ability to make an impact for others in this world.

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