Politics at Home and Abroad

This course has already been so eye opening and it’s only beginning. It’s interesting and disturbing how similar the political climate is between here and home. Zuma the President in South Africa has been compared to Donald Trump multiple times by South Africans and Americans alike.

It’s interesting how the election process works here because voters do not vote for a specific person they vote for a political party who can choose whatever person they see fit. I realize this may sound idealistic but I wish every vote could be counted individually instead of some votes being deemed more important depending on the individual. It’s confusing for me to see that the majority of the population in both of these countries disagree with their leaders.

I was also interested to learn that Zuma has been involved in a rape scandal which is similar to our President elect. In the conversation that I engaged in with a South African social worker regarding this they explained that the girl was young and she “made him (Zuma) go crazy”. Hearing this justification of sexual assault was very difficult. It is indicative to me that normalizing sexual assault is not exclusive to America and is a global problem rather than an American problem. It was painful to come to this realization because this conversation occurred with a social worker. It makes me grateful that social work has progressed and taken a more concrete stance on social justice in all areas. The social worker that I spoke with regarding this was older and had received their education forty years ago. I also have a new appreciation that at home social workers are required to continue furthering their education beyond school in order to maintain their status as a social worker.

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