Mission Possible

One thing Ive noticed within my internship placement at The Haven is the idea of treating individuals as people and not just a diagnosis or circumstance they face. During my internship shadowing I had the unique pleasure of helping to decorate for an upcoming Christmas party. During this time all of the female residents were able have their hair done by professional beauticians. One by one the female residents would emerge from the makeshift salon with beautiful hair and a feeling of confidence and self worth. In that moment it was apparent that they had an extra reason to smile and feel good about themselves.

Rarely in my experience of social work have organizations given clients the opportunity to be HUMAN and feel good about themselves both inside and out. Many times clients are referred to as their diagnosis or circumstance they face. Even society often attaches a category upon people such as homeless or crazy and as a result these people begin to believe they cannot overcome their circumstances. My time at The Haven has given me a new social work mission. That mission is to ensure that all of my clients find value within themselves and identify their strengths that allow them to feel confident in themselves.


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