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I wanted to save my last blog to talk about our home stays in the Langa township. What a wonderful experience​. We arrived in the afternoon and were introduced to our home stay families. The families took us in, gave us a place to sleep, and fed us a lot of delicious food. I am so grateful to have been apart of the wonderful Langa community for a weekend.

I learned a lot about what life is like in the township. My host mom was so wonderful and took great care of my roommate and me. I was introduced to her family and in some special way, I felt at home.

I’ve talked about community before in my previous posts, but I must mention it again. The sense of belonging and community in Langa is unreal. Everyone’s neighbors are more than just the average neighbor. It feels more like a big family.

The second day, when we arrived back to Langa, we were welcomed with a feast. The host mom’s spent the whole day cooking for us and did an amazing job. It was better than Thanksgiving Day! There was chicken, beef, corn, bread and veggies. The list goes on. I cannot express enough gratitude for the women that hosted us and cooked this amazing meal. It felt strange leaving the home stay. I wanted to stay longer!

In our reflection groups, a question was raised about th generosity of the home stay moms. The question regarded the guinineness of the amazing service provided to all of us. There’s a possibility that we were being so well taken care of because of a need to impress. Race and privilege play a big role here. However, I’m sticking to my gut instinct that the love and care given to us in Langa was real and genuine. Thank you to each and every host mom….especially mine 😉

So today, I fly home. It’s very bittersweet. I have learned so much here in South Africa and am so very grateful to Educoafrica, DU, my classmates, and all of the facilitators. Without all of you, this amazing experience would not have been so rich.

I will miss the beautiful weather, the gorgeous scenery, the beach, Table Mountain, and each and every person that has been apart of my journey in Cape Town! I hope to return one day, but for now…goodbye Africa.

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