Home Again

Home…home…home. Home is where the heart is, a cliché that means more to me now than before. With my partner, so far away, I was ready to return to the place my heart is, with him. Yet, leaving South Africa was bitter sweet. Thimg_2853e people I met and left behind are already missed, and I look forward to spending more time with those locally in Denver. I love that this program took strangers and meshed us together. Not only were the South Africans strangers to me, but most of the DU participants began as strangers to me as well. This course shook us up, put us in the wilderness, squished us together in a very “cozy” van, and resulted in concocting a plaimg_2931ce where deeper feelings and love were shared than I have with some longtime friends or family. Sometimes strangers are needed in order for us to truly say how we feel. Before leaving for South Africa, we discussed Ubuntu, I am me because of you, and you are you because of me, but it wasn’t until now, looking back at this trip, that I see this as the most important aspect to this trip. The insight people shared with me, allowed me to dig deeper into parts of myself, these small discoveries made due to the inspiration of those around me. I will forever be grateful for everyone there willing to be vulnerable, and willing to grow. I wasn’t sure what to expect in South Africa. Our professors told us from the beginning that it will change you if you open your heart to it. Now, a little piece of my heart will always belong there. I also feel lucky that my whole heart, my partner, was able to experience a small portion of this adventure with me because it’s not something I can explain, just a feeling. A feeling that in spite of being so far from home, people with the biggest hearts anywhere, can welcome you “home.”  



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