Family Support

America the beautiful.
Home of the brave
Land of the free.

The outside world looks at you as though America has its problems solved. However, as an American I know that its problems are just hidden to the outside world like mouse traps hidden in dark places under stairwells.

I felt so relieved to inform my South African peers that America has many issues and broken systems. Furthermore, I was happy to learn the many ways in which South Africa has solved some of the hardest humanitarian problems. During my internship placement at The Haven, I was pleased to see that social workers actually work with clients to ensure that they obtain skill sets that will help them become self sufficient. Additionally, social workers rely heavily on the families of clients. In South Africa an individuals main support system is their family. This concept is foreign to me as an American social worker. In America clients families do not have any obligation to help them thrive. I feel as though many Americans could actually use the support of their families to help them grow strong and overcome the odds they are faced with. Additionally, a family stands to gain support and life experience from the family member in need.

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