Robben Island

During the tour of Robben Island, the tour guide, who had also been a political prisoner on Robben Island, explained that the prison guards worked purposefully to cause divisions between the prisoners. They gave the Indian and Coloured populationimg_3268s better food and clothing compared to the Black population, the Black population was not even awarded shoes. The tour guide explained, if one group thinks they’re better than another group, then it’s easy to cause division, and therefore have control. This stuck with me. Our world is full of divisions and race was specifically constructed in order to separate and control us. Though it is evident all over the world, being most familiar with the United States, I can’t help but see Donald Trump’s masterful plan of “reminding” people that they are different than others, and telling them to be afraid of that difference. Though we have always had this segregation in our country, as a white, privileged person, it hasn’t been as starkly obvious for me. With this in mind, I’ve been thinking a lot of my role in this division. As a white person, I have a history of violence against others, though not personally causing it, it’s apart of me. This realization is heavy. I’ve wept a lot for the cruelty of others, and coming to terms with my own role as a white person, granted privilege only for my skin color, is not an easy task, but needed and a journey I plan on continuing.

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