It’s time!

The time has finally come, tomorrow is the big day! Tonight I head back to Colorado with a belly full of turkey and a heart warmed by family and friends. Tomorrow however, tomorrow is a greater day. Tomorrow evening I will begin my journey to Capetown, South Africa. As I make my drive from Iowa to Colorado I’ve been trying to think of something I’m forgetting to do in preparation for tomorrow’s big day. Traveling is a great passion of mine. I always have this fire burning inside that desires a new adventure. This time around, however, the desire seems different. Learning from social workers in Capetown and being submersed in the South African culture is overwhelming in a wonderful way. I am extremely eager for everything that this trip will be. I am even more excited to see how the trip will impact me as a social worker, and as a person. I am not thrilled about the long flights to South Africa, but I am confident it will be worth it! I will be shadowing at the Haven Night Shelter in Capetown and I am very anxious to see what those days will bring. I have little experience working with the homeless and I am very grateful to have this unique opportunity to gain experience in this area. I am looking forward to staying with our host families in the townships, and am really excited for the wilderness portion of the trip! My bags are packed and I am ready to go! So let’s do this! Capetown, here I come!

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