Learning to be a badass and breaking all barriers!

img_2889 img_2890The time has come that I have my bags packed and I’m ready to travel. I’m so excited and so nervous at the same time it’s draining all the energy out of me. I slept a few hours last night checking and rechecking if I packed everything. First stop is LAX where I’ll meet Cami. Then we are off to Zurich and then Cape Town! We are flying out a few days in advance to explore and take time to be young adults. Forgetting about all the uncertainties we face here at home.

I have been talking about this Social Justice for several months. I have had some awesome conversations with co-workers, professors and classmates about social justice issues the United States verses other countries. I consider myself a humble person but this experience is going to broaden my perspective about the world. Especially since the election my perspective of the rest of the world is not where it could be. I don’t know how I am going to handle conversations with other people when we have our layover and while in Africa about the election. I do not even like to discuss it while I’m here at home. Although I always find myself in the conversation. Optimistic? Well I’m trying to be but it’s hard.

Forgetting about the election I think back to my younger self. Growing up traveling was not something I ever thought I’d do. I always wanted to. I wanted to join the navy like my sister so I could travel. I thought that would be the only way. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. So I never thought I would be attending a pricey University for a Masters in Social Work. I would never have thought I’d leave the state of Colorado much less the United States. This is all surreal and I have so many emotions running though my body. Although I didn’t have the best up bringing it could have always been worse. Cliche? I know! I would t be here if my past didn’t play out like it did! Everything happens for a reason.

I’m finding I difficult to be present with my self instead of my mind wandering of to the past and to the near future! I know I am present about how afraid I am of flying so far from home. But I’m braking though all my barriers I have up. I literally have nothing to lose. I’m doing this to grow as personally, academically and professionally. I’m doing this because it is out of my comfort zone. I’m doing this for my younger self that never thought this would be possible! I’m doing this simply because I can!

10 minute until I board my first flight!
30 until my fight takes off!
30 hours until I’m in South Africa!

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