Mediators and Echoes

“We are only the mediators” is the reoccurring theme that I have experienced on my trip with GSSW Latino certificate here in Costa Rica. We are the people that can possibly bridge the gap between the oppressed and oppressors with the understanding that we aren’t the ones with the knowledge or “conocimiento” to change things but realizing that true change can only happen from the bottom up. I think being in a foreign country and understanding the perspectives of those in oppressive states it has empowered me to think of how I will take these lessons and apply them back home. Freire has some good points and now adding my own perspective as a social worker, we can take these lessons to empower those that we work with. As a classmate said, we are the echo of the people and in my perspective we must maneuver and find ways to make those echoes be heard by others!
We visited a site that was part of the UN (it’s acronym was ACNUR) and their work was primarily with refugees in Costa Rica. It was amazing to see the different sorts of messages and marketing that they are doing surrounding refugees in which they are echoing what refugees have been trying to communicate, “I’m just like you, I feel like you, and life circumstances have led me to be here.” It was powerful to see and experience and I would be very interested in helping to create a voice for those that are voiceless and empowering communities that feel powerless. I know I don’t have any real power but hopefully with the tools that I have acquired I can work alongside the communities to create movements in which voices are being heard and helped. image

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  1. Lorena Gaibor

    Great post Brittney. I appreciate very much this concept of echoing the voices of the oppressed so as to magnify their voices. Si se puede!

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