Reflecting on my Experiences

It is tough to sum up my experiences in Cape Town. We’ve been back in the states for about a week and it is still hard to believe sometimes I was in South Africa. I used it as an example case study for my final papers, but to then get on planes and to actually experience what I researched and wrote is an entirely different experience.

I think about the privilege I have being able to go to Cape Town and to tell people my stories of the wilderness and Robben Island. I think about the connections I made and the wonderful people I met, who opened their homes and jobs to us. This also extends to the School of Social Work letting me a non-MSW student on the trip and see the importance of collaboration across the schools.

However, I also reflect on how South Africa has progressed, but the effects of Apartheid are still apparent throughout the country and in Cape Town.

I am very grateful that I put myself out there in order to have this experience in Cape Town.

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