Life After South Africa

It has officially been one week since I have been home and I have missed South Africa so much this past week; it is almost crazy how much I miss it. This past week has also been kind of strange for me, since I have been back at my internship and back to reality. All weekend I pretty much slept (thanks to jet lag) and did not get a moment to prepare for reality; however, due to the snow day on Tuesday, I was able to regroup a little. Being back at my internship has been a little different and I feel a little “off of my game” sometimes. I feel like my head (and definitely my heart) is sometimes back in South Africa, walking around Cape Town or the townships. Fortunately, I have been able to get everything done that I have needed to and have not caused any clients harm! 🙂IMG_9266

I think it should be noted that traveling to South Africa and experiencing all that I did truly changed my life, to say the least. I will never forget the places I had the opportunity to go, people I met, and the new IMG_4898concepts I learned. Going so far from home and fully immersing myself in the culture opened my eyes to something I truly love: traveling. I would like to make a point to travel to more places while I am still young. I would also like tkindest
o go back to South Africa and reunite with the amazing South Africans that I met only a couple of weeks ago. More than anything, I think it should be noted how amazing South Africans are; they have an amazing sense of humor, high level of resiliency, unbelievable sense of community and most of all the  of hearts. I will never forget how welcoming and accepting they all were and wish that we, as Americans, could take a second and learn a thing or two from this unique culture. Maybe one day.

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