Leaving Cape Town

It has finally come. The day we leave Cape Town. It feels like we were just arrived and it is already time to head back to life and responsibilities in the US.

After the wilderness experience, Kat and I had the opportunity to shadow Khungeka and Ayabonga at Afrika Tikkun in the Mfuleni Township. Afrika Tikkun is a non-profit organization that has programs ranging from health to working with youth in after school programming or in its early child development complex. It’s model is based around cradle to career, which was amazing to see and hear about the work it does in Mfuleni and Delft (another township nearby). While it was the end of the year, so most programming dealing with youth was wrapping up, it was inspiring to see all of the work Afrika Tikkun does in the community.

Ayabonga and Khungeka went above and beyond to make sure Kat and I saw and learned as much as possible during the period of time. We did spend a lot of time with the Family Support Services Team and went into depth about their different programs. There is so much hard work tackled everyday at Afrika Tikkun, but there is a lot of joy and community as well.

One mother, a client of Khungeka who works with Family and Protective Services stated how much of an impact Afrika Tikkun has made on her daughter’s life.

I leave Cape Town with some great experiences, new bonds made, but new questions and thoughts than I came into this course. Although, I did research and wrote final papers on South Africa before I came, it does not compare to actually being in Langa, Robben Island, or Afrika Tikkun.

While I am sad to leave such a beautiful city and weather to go back to winter in the US, I know I will be coming back one day.

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