The Triangle Project

My experience at Triangle Project made my whole trip.  Not only was I exposed to how social work looks in South Africa, but I was also exposed to the issues that surround LGBTI people of color in South Africa.  Witnessing the amazing work that they have done and continued to do reignited my own passion for the work in the states.

There were many differences but even more similarities between LGBTIQ issues in the States and in South Africa.  The most important thing I learned was how to include all identities into the discussion of LGBTIQ issues.  The intersection of people’s identities is usually where the most oppression takes place.  I knew this before, but really got this concept at the Triangle Project.  Lastly, being part of the UN Special Report on Gender Based Violence was the coolest experience.  I do not do policy work and was never apart of anything like that.  It made me think more broad about my own practice.

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