My Home Stay

While I’m sitting here in my room, I am reflecting on my wonderful home stay experience in the township of Langa. I must say that I really enjoyed the stay with Roselyn and her granddaughter Siaya. They are both so very lovely and kind hearted. Roselyn welcomed us with open arms and went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable…I even got my own suite for the two nights :)… On the first night Roselyn fed us a big appetizing meal and we talked some, watched the news, and we even watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Siaya before bedtime. Roselyn has been raising her granddaughter since she was 3 weeks old and has done a very great job childrearing Siaya. Roselyn is a retired nurse of 25 years and is very clever and humorous. The following morning Roselyn made us eggs, sausage, toast, and coffee. She and Siaya then walked us to another host mother’s house for transport to our internships (so sweet). When I returned from my internship in the afternoon, Roselyn again made sure I was comfortable and quickly offered me some ginger beer (which was actually ginger ale :)). Later that evening all of the students and host mothers met at Joyce’s house for a big dinner where we ate, talked, and got to watch the kids put on a talent show where they danced and sang…it was great.. After we finished at Joyce’s, we went back to Roselyn’s and she made us tea, again, making sure we were comfortable. We ended the night by presenting Roselyn a couple of appreciation gifts for hosting us and it was nice to see her display great happiness when she received her gifts… I even left Siaya a little surprise :). The following morning Roselyn again made a wonderful breakfast and saw us on our way :(. This was my very first home stay with a communal family and I will forever remember this wonderful cultural experience… Enkosi!!



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