Groot Winterhoek Nature Reserve

We survived the wilderness!! And in the process I learned a lot about myself and my abilities to live 5 days in the high mountain wilderness with no bed, no bathroom, and no shower… It was very hot and a pretty tough mission that really tested me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I also learned a lot about community support and teamwork. We had quite a big group and it was pleasurable to witness how we all worked together to achieve the tasks there were handed to us. It was really remarkable to bond with the team and get to know more about each of them. When we returned to base camp after 4 days in the wilderness we got to shower (felt sooo good), had an appetizing Braai (BBQ), then sang, drummed, and danced the night away (until about 9:30PM). So in the end it turned out to be great and I met some awesome South Africans friends/family who are very strong-minded, hardworking, resilient, amazing singers and dancers, and so full of life. On to the next adventure!!









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