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Well I have been in South Africa for two weeks and have yet to post a single blog, my bad! My time here in South Africa has been a whirlwind of colors, emotions, experiences, and thoughts. There has been so much that has already so this is a brief overview of what has happened since arriving in the Mother City.

The major component of our course started when we toured Robben Island. Robben Island didn’t have the haunting feel that I anticipated. It was a very powerful place, our tour guides were former prisoners who opposed Apartheid. To hear their personal stories was so powerful. The hardest thing for me on Robben Island was that you could see the mainland. Nearness and isolation at the same time.

Later that day we went Langa, the oldest township in Cape Town. Xhosa is the predominant language and culture that they identify with. As a white privileged American, I assumed that the townships would be sad places. I was wrong. While there is incredible poverty, there is life, culture, and spirit. Langa pride is so strong that even if you “make it” many never leave the community of Langa.

We visited the sites of the agencies that we are work shadowing with. These agencies include: The Triangle Project, James House, Afrika Tikkun and Department of Social Development. More will be posted about these agencies and my experience work shadowing in a later blog post!

The majority of the trip has been spent in the Groot Winterhoek Reserve which is a mountain desert wilderness area approximately 130 kilometers from Cape Town. This was an incredible experience with participants from the agencies that we will be working with. More will be posted about this experience as well.

After five days in the wilderness, we had a day off. I chose to spend my day off hiking Table Mountain.

Finally, work shadowing has started, and again as mentioned before I will blog about my experience with Afrika Tikkun after I have spent more time at the site!

Cheers Friends and enjoy the photos of this magical place!




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