Airport Reflection

As I sit here at the airport, I must admit that I am pretty nervous. I am not entirely sure why, but just trying to sit with it. I think it be very interesting to work at the triangle project. Though I identify as a lesbian, I have never really engaged with the LGBT community before. I have always been interested in LGBT rights of course, but I never felt the need to seek out the community. This may be because when I came out to my friends and family everyone was extremely supportive. I have so much appreciation and awareness around the fact that I have never faced personal blatant discrimination against my sexual orientation. It is going to be interesting in Cape Town to see how it is to be a member of the LGBT community, when that community is not as accepting as where we live. I am also curious if I will be comfortable sharing my sexual orientation there. I have traveled to many places with my partner and we are very aware of our interactions in public and who we tell about our relationship. Normally, I do not share my sexual orientation in foreign countries unless I feel safe. Since I am working at the Triangle project it will be interesting to see if I feel comfortable there.
Anyways, for now the only way to let go of the nerves is to be open to any experience that comes my way. I am excited to begin letting go of expectations and stepping into the unknown. I guess that starts with 24 hours of solo travel!



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