Stressful Week… No Time To Think

This week has been by far one the most stressful weeks ever. While writing my paper for research, Word decided to crash as I was about to start writing the discussion section and lost my file (Not what I needed this week). Setting me back on several things I needed to do this week with school, work, and life. So now I’m caught up with almost everything I needed to do, but still haven’t had the chance to process that I will be leaving to South Africa this upcoming Monday. I haven’t even started packing yet. Sunday will definitely be a busy day for me! So many things have been happening at once, that it will be so nice to get on the plane and relax. I’m so tired of looking at the computer screen right now (Writing papers does that to you and especially when you have to start writing a paper from scratch all over again). Which is why it’s taken me a while to start blogging.

   San Salvador, El Salvador

I’m so excited to learn about a new culture, environment, and more! It will be nice to breathe at sea level! I’ve never done a trip like this before, filling me with so much excitement and mixed emotions. With everything going on in the world, I’ve been struggling to cope with all the world’s issues today. My friend was at the soccer game in Paris and survived the attack, which I am so thankful for. I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking lately, especially about the impact I can make in the world and how to start making a difference now. Which is why I am ready to learn more about the needs in South Africa and gain more insight of the different struggles Cape Town/Townships are facing today due to the history of the South Africa.

I posted a picture of El Salvador and Costa Rica because when I travel, I find a sense of peace. It’s a great feeling to travel the world and explore other places. Excited for this trip! Traveling is therapeutic in its own way. I will most likely be packing late on Sunday night and probably will be rushing in the morning to get everything together. Procrastinating to the very end. So ready for this journey! By the way I love taking photos!

Costa Rica

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.10.38 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.10.43 AM


2 thoughts on “Stressful Week… No Time To Think

  1. Karen Bensen

    Thanks Evelyn! I am eager to hear your impressions! Great photos, btw. Can’t quite figure out what the last one is . . .

    1. Miriam.Chavez Post author

      It’s a strangler tree. These trees grow and wrap themselves around trees, later suffocates the tree in the middle to die and slowly starts to deteriorate(doesn’t get the nutrients or food from rain or sunlight), leaving the tree standing tall with a hollow center. It’s pretty cool! You can climb up them.

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