Wishing I was on the plane…

I cannot believe that we are almost leaving for Cape Town! My excitement is currently being overtaken by the fact that it is Week 10. At the beginning of the quarter, to gain more background knowledge of South Africa, I decided to use South Africa as a case study for all of my final research papers. While it is interesting to learn about how South Africa is considered an emerging donor and a recipient of aid, I am ready to be on the ground in Cape Town. It also doesn’t help that while I am typing, my brain drifts off to how I will be there in a few days. Then I get this mixture of excitement and then stress because I really need to finish this paper. I am also trying to be intentional to not let this background knowledge be at the forefront when I finally make it to Cape Town, I want to be present in the moment.

I am so excited to be embarking on probably one of the most life-changing experiences I will have. I am looking forward to the relief of hitting submit on my last paper, but also taking the time I don’t I’ve had this quarter to really reflect that I’m going to be in Cape Town in a few days.

However, I must return to discussing South Africa as a donor and recipient country of aid.

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  1. Karen Bensen

    I appreciate your comment about not letting your background knowledge be at the forefront of your experience, but I do hope that you will share your learning with us!

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