6 days and counting….

As my departure day for South Africa nears, my anxiety levels starts to rise. I’m a little saddened that I’ll be away from my family for three weeks. But on the other hand, I’m very excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity/journey that lies ahead. And since this is the last week of fall quarter, I’m also trying to complete final assignments and make sure I have everything I’ll need for this South African course. I have many thoughts and feelings going on right now 🙂 (Breathe Kiki, breathe!).

However, to have the chance to embark in cross cultural learning experiences and increase my knowledge on South Africa’s social, cultural, environmental, political, and historical reality is priceless.I grew up on the Navajo nation reservation and I look forward to comparing and contrasting the two different (possibly similar in more than one way) cultures. I’m also looking forward to distinguishing the socio-economic rights, accountability and improved access to services the two nations have sought. Ahe’hee!

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