Tiffany Barrios: Thoughts & Reflections

This past week we have imagebeen visiting many different agencies and each one of them have been very unique and helpful to its community. I had found myself having a bias towards a religious agency prior to the visit. Religious agencies have made me become apprehensive towards them because in the past I have noticed how some have pushed religion onto their clients. I know that this is not the case for every agency but having seen this in the past I have become more aware, but always walk into these situations with an open mind because certain experiences do not determine the outcome of other similar experiences.

We had visited Casa Sor María Romero, which is a great organization helping women in the community to advance their education, open different work options, and provide housing among many other services. I had made sure to keep an open mind and tried to understand how the agency functions to help it’s clients as well as how it treats each client. One statement the nun had made, made me question if it was true. The nun had said that it’s easier to work with clients who have faith and she sees more change in a person who believes in a god. I don’t think this is always the case and that simply having faith in a god will be the crutch that helps a person, but instead it is essential to have a support system a person can count on.

As a social worker, I think it is important to keep an open mind but also be critical of any system that is set in place to help clients. One cannot work towards our own agenda to help a population if it is not the agenda the population wants. It is through dialogue and understanding the needs and wants of our clients that truly moves the process of change.

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