Reading between the signs-A.Hernandez

The streets of San Jose is awaken by the roar of traffic, chatter of the locals, and high level of humidity.  El Canton (province) de San Jose proceeds with its usual daily routine and treacherous, all day rush hour. The cacophony of sound, spreads through the neighborhoods shutting out the cries, murmurs, and whispers left behind by individuals stripped of their voice. Giant billboards hover over the streets, illustrating “Pura Vida”.  However, as I meander through the barrio, it whispers, “Look closer the streets have something to say”. Reading between the signs, the untold stories are left inconspicuously.   

They w2rite “we rage and will arrange” near the light rail facing one of the Universities.  




Outside of a “puesto” (store) writes- the nation lies      



 “Maria (the virgin Mary) wanted to abort” outside of the church




 The most impactful – No one is illegal.  Found at an intersection inside of an abandon building.   Speaking to a local“Tico”, he was appalled by our group visiting La Carpio (a town inhabited by more than 80% of Nicarahuences).  “How were you able to visit, where you not scared, how were you able to get in, obviously it would be easier for you to enter that town, they don’t like us “tico’s” there is nothing that can be done for them.”  Struggling not to lash out, the only words that were appropriate to be s5poken, were “Sir, this is your own backyard, your community, where your family lives, it should be easier for you to help, visit, and learn about it than a foreigner.”    

The streets remain as a canvas for these individuals; whose mouths are muted, yet their messages reverberate through the paths of San Jose.


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  1. Michael

    Very nice to see you are absorbing a new culture! Good read and it looks like you had a decent adventure. ^^^”where you not scared” were* 😉

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