Costa Rican Spanish

I have always has trouble pronouncing “r” and “rr” in Spanish. For example, “caro” and “carro” are two very different things. However, I pronounce them the same. To say car I usually opt for “coche” or “auto” to hide the embarrassment of my poor pronunciation. I also like to say “chucho” instead of “perro” but not everyone understands “chucho” and it could possibly have other meanings outside of Guatemala.
One of the first things I noticed upon arriving to Costa Rica was the pronunciation of the letter R. Costa Ricans, or “ticos” pronounce their R’s heavily, similarly to the way many people from the United States pronounce the letter when they speak Spanish. This was a nice surprise. Immediately, I felt right at home.
Despite some differences, Costa Rican Spanish is also clear and understandable. Although it is unlikely that we will ever work with Costa Ricans in Denver, I think that it is smart to have a class here so that students can build confidence in their language abilities. Also, it is a good place to familiarize oneself with the vocero(use of “vos”) and the “modismos” that Costa Rica shares with other Central American countries. ¡Pura vida!


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