Art Market

So much has happened in this last week and I have been terribly slow at writing, so I figured I would break up three of the events into different blogs; the art market, the cultural day, and the pet market.

The art market reminded me of a swap meet. There were little shops crammed together selling everything from jewelry to electronics. It was unlike other countries I have visited, the owners typically waited for us to question how much something was. They did not follow us around trying to make a deal (except for one incident with Caroline). It was amazing to see people stringing beads and making the jewelry right in front of us. They have these amazing rock stamps that I want to get. They take a rock (maybe 3-4” tall) and carve a design into the bottom. It can then be used a stamp. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I also thought about how much my mom would love it (she loves rocks). Watching all of the people was very inspiring. There was so much talent just in that one small space. Artists and collectors, I am always amazed by what people create.

Bracelet Man

Valerie, Caroline, and myself with the man who gave us free bracelets. He was getting ready to throw one to Sarah.

I learned a lot at the art market as well. I did not know that it was illegal to purchase mahogany, and I guess it is not good to buy teak as well (glad I didn’t buy that teak shower mat a few months ago). I knew that it was illegal to sale sea turtle shell. I saw that in Haiti often. Here they take the shell and make it into combs and bracelets. I honestly do not think I would have known it was turtle shell if Sarah had not explained that to me. Side note, it has been amazing working with Sarah. She has so much knowledge and passion. I just adore being around her and soaking in the messages she shares. I’ll share more about that in my pet market entry.

Man at the art market who gave us free jewelry!

Man at the art market who gave us free jewelry

There was this sweet old man at one of the shops. Valerie had Sarah ask how much the bracelet was, he responded that he usually charges 100 but for her it was free. He then began picking out bracelets for Caroline, Sarah and myself; it was a very heartwarming moment.

I love watching people and how they interact and looking at the beauty they add to this world. It was a wonderful experience. Who knew an art market could cause me to feel such appreciation for the human race. It was truly a great day.




And of course I will end with adorable panda pictures 🙂

L'J & Giant Panda 1

Me & Panda

Red Panda 2

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