Xiâu Jin

I received a Chinese name…it is Xiâu Jin, which means Little Jean

Now lets talk about the pandas! I’ll start out with a little back ground on myself I love pandas. I received my first panda stuffed animal for Christmas when I was 3. I have always been obsessed with pandas. I have spent time over the last few months laughing at how many clothing items I have with panda bears; sweaters, shirts, dress, mittens, socks, shoes, scarves and much more. I LOVE pandas! I am so happy and ecstatic to have this experience.


This trip has literally made my dreams come true. Pandas are the cutest creatures in the world. The base is a magical place.

IMG_1565 IMG_1450

I feel like I am in Jurassic Park (which is a very good thing). Everything is really green and very pretty. Today we got to see the pandas outside and it was awesome.


I am also falling in love with the red pandas. They have a sad story here at the base. They are allegedly feisty towards each other and some have lost their ears and tails. When that happens the red pandas are put in secluded concrete rooms. It breaks my heart and it makes my love for them grow. While walking through the enclosure one little red panda walked right past us. I had to step to the side to get out of its way. I love that they can roam around in their enclosure.

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