First Days

imageA lot of things have happened so far in the few days I have been in China as well as during traveling. The flights all went very well. I was able to sleep for most of the flight from LA to Beijing. We were given two meals on the plane. The first one I got noodles with pork the next one, breakfast, I got rice with beef. They were both fairly good being airplane food and all. Our flight from Beijing to Chengdu, we were also given food. It was about a three hour flight so this was awesome since in America that normally isn’t the case. This food was not so good. I got watery rice that you put a brown hard boiled egg and spicy turnip chunks in. I really did not like it. They did have yogurt which was good and bread with what I think was red bean paste inside. Later that night after getting settled in l’jean, Caroline and myself ventured out to buy our first meal in China. It took about three people to help us order our food. image
The next day we went to the panda base and Sarah gave us a tour. All of the giant pandas were inside because it is too hot outside for them. They are high altitude animals so they like cooler weather. We ate lunch in the cantina with the other panda base employees. That food was not my favorite either. We had pigs feet, rice, pork and mushrooms and soup. We did eat a very good fruit called lychee. It reminds me of the taste of grapes. Later in the day we had a meeting about the summer camps we will help run and we learned facts about pandas that we will teach visitors about. For Dinner we had a lot of trouble trying to find food. We don’t know how to say any names of foods so we were just looking for places with pictures. We could only find one. It was very good but we had previously gone there for breakfast.
Today we helped with research questions for a research project we our helping to conduct in schools from kindergarten to university. The project focuses on students knowledge and beliefs about the environment. When we got home from the base we stopped at this street food vendor right by our house. They sell hot pocket looking things that have spicy noodles and vegetables inside. The guys at the stand think we are funny because we can’t speak mandarin and they can’t speak English.
So far the trip has been a succes, it is just going to take some time to adjust.

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