Food Town

The food has been interesting and much harder to navigate than I had imagined. I am vegetarian because meet has always made me very sick. I’ve traveled to other countries before and it seems that it is easy to find vegetarian options, not so much in Chengdu. I have this fancy note to show people but it still leads to confusion and the group ends up getting all vegetarian food. IMG_1407

Yesterday I broke down and bought some “American Classic Flavor” Lays chips. They made my heart and tummy very happy!


Today we went to a bakery and I got a muffin type thing and it was delicious! I bought some extra bread to have on hand just in case. The lunch at the panda base was the best meal I have had here. It is funny because this morning I was saying “all I want is some beans” and lunch was green beans and potatoes with rice and bananas. I was in heaven!


I will post later about the amazingness of the panda base. It has been a dream come true to be in a place with my favorite animal. Here is a sneak peak of the most adorable animals ever 🙂

IMG_1480IMG_1475 IMG_1465IMG_1466  IMG_1450

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