First Impressions

Getting to Bosnia went pretty smoothly. I was expecting a lot more damage, but was pretty surprised about how much   Sarajevo has been fixed up. Yes, there are still shell marks on some of the buildings, but it is a work in progress. I feel like I’m at home with all the dogs barking along with the call to prayer.

The people in couples here seem to be very much into PDA, they are either holding hands or leaning on one another or kissing in the streets. This seems a bit strange to me as well, but it nice to see people so excited about being with their significant other

Beginning in the class, I notice other students beginning to react to the films and articles, but I didn’t feel that way. Yes It was sad that this happen and it should not have even been an option to happen in the first place. I’m realizing that I’m not personally affected by what I’m seeing and that I have a way of blocking myself off from it. Ann and I discussed this and I going to continue thinking about how it must feel to be a member of a group that is targeted by annihilation. Second, How could this even happen again after something as large scale as the Holocaust Third, why I think I don’t react this way in the first place and how maybe over the next two weeks that may change.