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P20141201_132223Pictured: Stephen, Helina and Brandon

Since I’ve returned from South Africa I have had time to talk with friends, family and co-workers about my experiences while I was there. It was most certainly a period of time in my life that I will never forget. I learned some precious, life altering lessons that I will carry with me forever. While I was down there I became very close with a few of the woman that were on the trip with me and they made me feel very excepted. I had a lot of fun getting to know everyone and I would have enjoyed having even more time, to do more of that!
While I was in South Africa I got to visit two oceans (multiple times), hike and backpack in the mountains of South Africa, go to a Safari, visit townships, intern at CASE, listen to the most beautiful singing I have ever heard and make lifetime friendships!! It was very surreal actually being in South Africa for me, I still find it hard to believe that I was physically there. It was nice and warm for most of the days there, with some wind most of the time (which was hard to get use to, I seemed to never really know how to dress).
Looking back my most treasured experiences were going to Robyn Island, participating and watching the South Africans sing and dance, creating relationships with the Americans and looking out over the ocean. It was one insightful and meaningful experience.
Returning home I took with me all of the love and acceptance the South Africans showed us day after day. The ability to not see color but to respect each individual regardless of race, language, color, religion ect. While many knew multiple languages they were all able to interact and communicate with each other and with us. They were so much fun and I truly appreciate the time I got to get to know them. I would love the opportunity to go back and visit again with these same individuals, or to have them come to the US to see what it looks like here.
While at CASE I was got to get to know Wilma, Stephen and Brandon very well and it was truly inspiring to work with these individuals, hear there stories and compare the two countries.

(If there was one thing I would change in the future for those traveling to South Africa it would be not to stay at the Hostile “The Back Pack”. During my stay many items were stolen from me, Some from within my room. Including my wallet with $500.00 American and some Rand in it (From right next to me). From what I was told from the South Africans, they indicated that they would never stay at “The Back Pack” because the people who work there are untrustworthy. SO that is one thing that I would change if I were to return to South Africa)

20141121_062825100 Rand=( around) $10.00 US dollars

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