Thank You Cape Town

Few weeks have passed since I have returned from visiting Cape Town, South Africa. The international social work course has been amazing. This trip has been life changing for sure and I will be processing the impact of this trip for some time. This blog has been the most difficult to write. I returned and started my busy parenting, work, and internship schedule but still struggle to feel at home yet. It has been difficult to put into words how this course has been life changing and how it has affected me emotionally but some of my core values were validated, some of my observations scared me, some of the things I learned challenged my way of practice, and some of the things that I saw, learned, and experienced empowered me.

I was able to forgive myself and let some things go. I was able to identify and hold on to the strengths and passions I had forgotten about. I was able to take a look at my fears, my boundaries, my abilities, my resources and assess how overall my experience and my responses to them continue to affect me today as an individual, as a mother, as a friend, as a co-worker, and as a social worker.

Throughout this trip, I assessed if the changes I observed were sustainable or how interventions could be sustainable. This trip validated for me the significance of people’s stories and the context they live in. I saw the ripple effect that empowerment creates. I saw what was missing in my practice and I saw the amazing work that we do. I leave this blog in hopes that I hold myself accountable to not be limited by fear. Today, I start to create the change that I seek within me.

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