Leaving the Continent

As excited as I am to be leaving this continent for the first time, the stress and nerves have gotten to me over the last month. When signing up for the course, I did not have any real expectations of what this course entailed. After reading the syllabus for the first time, a sense of panic came over me while reading the wilderness portion. I questioned myself about the decision I had made in signing up for the course. I love to camp, and enjoy being outdoors, however this wilderness adventure seemed a little intense.

Reading through the syllabus, and attending the first class, reality of leaving this country, and continent started to settle in. It is almost a feeling of surrealism. I had always wanted to study abroad, and having children early on in life I had never had that opportunity. Now that I finally have this opportunity, the feeling is slightly overwhelming. We all get this opportunity to learn about a new culture and help others. I believe this will be an emotional experience, seeing videos or watching documentaries will be nothing in comparison to seeing it in person.

Seeing the poverty in South Africa will definitely open all of our eyes to how privileged we are to live in the United States.

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  1. jstmary

    The greatest successes in my life have resulted from adverse situations…we don’t tend to grow sitting idly. You can do this!!

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