Mandela, The World’s President

Sign at Denver Airport

Sign at Denver Airport

My father met Mandela while he was in South Africa in 1996, so being in the country when Mandela passed away felt like a torch was being passed on to me.  It was so powerful to listen to our South African friends share what Mandela meant to them.  I myself was rather emotional, because it is upsetting when someone we love dies – and this man was loved by the entire world.  I do not know if the world will see another man like Mandela, but I have a lot of hope that there will be a string of young leaders that will rise up and follow in Mandela’s footsteps.  Many of the young people I met during our journey had so much potential, and with the help of the organizations we visited, these children are finding avenues to reach that potential and go beyond it.

I was surprised to see so many people reacting by choosing to celebrate Mandela’s life, rather than wallow in his loss.  I hope that this celebration continues and helps inspire people to make change.

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