Afrika Tikkun


Working for Afrika Tikkun was such a blessing. They provide a huge variety of services to countless families in the Delft township. Afterschool youth development programs, computer training, fine arts such as dance and music, in-home family support, and outpatient health care among others.

Of all the work we were able to participate in, the home visits with the family support team trumps all other experiences during my brief stay in Cape Town. As a community social worker, I am somewhat disconnected from the problems our work serves. I was able to hear the clients’ stories and understand the hardships they’re facing firsthand rather than as a statistic on paper.

Going forward, I hope to continue making this connection. As a community worker, I see the necessity of gaining first-hand clinical experiences to remind myself what I am working for.

For more information on Afrika Tikkun, visit their website here

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