I hate being the last one here

It’s about 7 o’clock right now. I am one of the few that is still at the hostel. It feels dead quiet. It doesn’t feel the same. Our rooms have been taken over by strangers. Our private floor is no longer private. As I’m sitting here waiting for breakfast and for my cab to get here I am writing down the final thoughts about this summer experience.

This has been a fantastic summer. The entire experience was better than I pictured back in Denver. The combination of the great things that happened made this summer memorable. Sarajevo is beautiful; the people in this program were beyond amazing. I feel like I have grown a lot these past 2 months, the girls have taught me well.  I have to give credit where credit is due: this summer felt so great because of the people in it. Now that I am alone here in the common room thinking that no one is left here but me, I can already tell you that I miss them and that I cannot wait to see them again in Denver.  Every single one added something to this program, whether it was Mandy helping me with her social work skills, or Megan and I singing Flight of the Conchords or even Rachel Mary and Jillian’s obsession with Sy Fy movies (the list could go on forever but writing more and more about it is making me sad). This summer has been one of if not the best summer I have ever experienced.

In addition to the wonderful people in my program, the people I met in Sarajevo have made me want to come back. Yesterday I decided to stop by a few places and say good bye to them because they deserved it and I really wanted to see them again one last time before leaving.  Vladimir and Hussein were two of those people. Both of them have been really kind and shared their stories, it’s something that I will always cherish. The same goes for the people at my internship. Every single one of them has taught me so much as well laughed and procrastinated on work.

Finally I think this blog cannot end without a mention about Cheers. As I am sitting here with the window open I can hear them play Hotel California. Cheers has become a part of this program. The many loud nights have become routines that sleeping without dance music blasting in your ears feels weird.

I cannot think of good closing words. The only thing I can think right now is how amazing this summer has been.